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Coaching, Counseling and Psychotherapy are common conversational processes that can be instrumental in the development of skills that help individuals in confronting and coping with struggles, obstacles, uncertainties and conflicts effectively within a confidential and supportive environment.

Counseling is talk therapy treatment that focused mostly on specific life issues such as school adjustment, emotional/mental health issues, employment issues, and marriage or family issues. Such adjustment, development, or situational concerns are relatively brief and short in the treatment.

Psychotherapy is talk therapy used when dealing with “deeper” issues, most commonly where past experiences are causing on-going distress and interfering with life satisfaction. In psychotherapy, the client focuses on ways of being in the world rather than on specific issues in life.

Coaching is a process of discovering one’s goal in life, (re)inventing something new and working towards achieving one’s personal or professional goal.


We provide psychotherapy for a wide variety of clients including those:

  • Having difficulties managing emotions, causing their ability to function in day-to-day activities to be affected.
  • Wanting to rebuild or improve their relationship with their loved ones

Needing assistance to change harmful or unproductive behaviours, such as physical abuse towards family members or engaging in alcoholism.


In Focus is unique in that we are a private practice focused on providing effective and professional coaching, counseling and therapy services. By way of professional, we ensure that our team:

  1. a) Completed formal post-graduate education, with at least Master’s degree in counseling or related area.
  2. b) Obtained Supervised Clinical experienced for their clinical work after graduation.
  3. c) Experienced personal counseling and therapy sessions, over considerable number of sessions, to work through their personal issues and achieved personal and professional growth. With experiences from both sides of the fence, it is our belief that our counsellor and therapist can empathize with our clients in a unique way and utilizing their experience, knowledge and professional skills help create productive therapy.
  4. d) Received advanced specialized therapeutic skills training, equipped with the knowledge and therapeutic skills and used proven and effective counseling and psychotherapy methods to work with youth, adult and couple clients.
  5. e) Receive continuous supervision for their clinical work. All counsellors and therapists need to be in supervision to discuss their work and their work with clients. When our counsellors and therapists work under supervision, it means that they use the services of another counsellor or therapist to review their work with clients, their professional as well as personal development. Supervision is necessary in counseling, psychotherapy and other mental health disciplines as well as other professions working with people. It is meant to protect clients and improve the ability of our counsellors and therapist to better provide value to our clients.
  6.  f) Our junior counselors receive close supervision while working on their professional and personal development in their journey toward registration with the professional counseling body. 

The supervisor is also registered with a professional counseling body hence is also bound by the rules of confidentiality.

While couple’s sessions can be little longer, the initial sessions are generally about 60-80 mins. Sessions that follow are between 50-60 mins.

At times, clients may wish to extend the session. If the schedule of the therapist permits the session to be extended, the rate will be pro-rated at 15-minute blocks.


From S$100 per 60-minute session onwards. Please call for more information.

We usually start with weekly or bi-weekly sessions depending on the issues and the need. We will periodically review the progress and adjustments accordingly. Like most treatments, consistency in counseling and therapy increases success.


Coaching or counseling/ psychotherapy does cost. However, unresolved personal issues might cost you even more consequently in relationships, work performance as well as our physical, mental and emotional health. You should see Coaching or counseling/psychotherapy as an investment to an improved life.


As members of professional counseling or psychotherapy bodies, we observe professional code that ensures clients’ information is strictly private and confidential. However, there are circumstances under which confidentiality may be breached such as danger to self and others, mandated by law or court order.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors trained in area of mental illness and are able to prescribe medication. A few psychiatrists, apart from prescribing medication, conduct “talk therapy” with their patients.

Counselors and therapists are not medical doctors and hence do not prescribe medication. Counselors and therapists receive training in psychology or counseling and psychotherapy. Professional counsellors and therapists are trained to handle a range of mental health issues and provide mental health services using “talk therapy”.

In situation where medication is deemed necessary, Counselors/Therapist may recommend you to a medical doctor or psychiatrist for further medical consultation.

When consulting with your counselor/therapist, it is important to provide information of your medication and the name of your psychiatrist if any. This way, they can work closely with your psychiatrist to provide you with the “talk therapy” that you need.


This is certainly not true. At different stages of life, people are faced with myriad of life issues which counseling and psychotherapy can help to deal with their effectively. Counseling and psychotherapy is also sought by those who seek to enhance life as well as personal growth.


Surely, talking is involved during the coaching, counseling and psychotherapy process. However, the process includes the experience is about being fully heard and understood at a deeper level than a normal conversation would be. Beyond being understood, we will work with you to explore your issues, self-evaluate your options and behaviours, identify your strengths and explore alternatives. This process is only possible with a professional counsellor and therapist.


You may send us an email or give us a call to make an appointment. Please include in your email your name and number. We will response as soon as we can.


A-48 hour notice for cancellation of a session is required. This is to allow us the time to offer the appointment to another client.

Kindly take note that cost of the session may be payable if you cancel the session without adequate notice or if you fail to turn up without a valid reason.


To avoid disappointment, all sessions at In Focus are by appointments. If help is needed immediately, please call or email SOS at 1800 221 4444 (24 hours) or email at



At In Focus, we empathize with our clients as they go through myriad of life’s problems, stresses and challenges which are overwhelming at times. As these happened to us too. The only difference is, it is our profession to help others overcome these life hurdles so as to live life to the fullest.



We have a range of services available for your consideration depending on your needs. You can get in touch with us for coaching services, corporate consultation, professional training, counseling and psychotherapy services. Please visit our services page to see what we offer.



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