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Human beings are social creatures. Strong and healthy relationships are central not only to our happiness, but to our health and wellbeing. As researcher and author Brené Brown explains, “A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all men, women, and children. We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong” (Brown, 2010)1. Positive relationships improve our feelings of security, provide meaning in our lives and make us healthier and happier. For most people, one of the most significant relationships we can forge is with our partners. All romantic relationships have their ups and downs and making these important relationships work can be challenging at times.We all have different family upbringings and have our own ways or patterns of doing things. We connect in similarities and grow together when handling or negotiating our differences. Sometimes though, when working through our differences, it can be stressful to feel disconnected from our partners. Other times, we may have doubts, feel lonely and confused, or find ourselves constantly engaged in conflicts or arguments. While the need for human connection seems to be innate, the ability to form and maintain healthy, loving relationships requires a great deal of commitment, effort, understanding and communication.

Some couples seek relationship counselling to strengthen their partnership and gain a better understanding of each other, while others seek counselling because they need help with their troubled relationships. At In Focus, we offer relationship or couple counselling to individuals from different backgrounds, including LGBT individuals and couples, in all types of intimate relationships, regardless of marital status. Our therapists provide a supportive, respectful, confidential and non-judgemental environment as we help you and your partner understand and work through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship so that you can communicate more effectively with each other and form greater intimacy and connection. Through couple counselling, you and your partner can learn how to communicate more effectively and discover ways to rebuild or strengthen your relationship and create greater intimacy and connection.

Sometimes, some couples may feel uncertain about their suitability or compatibility with each other. Our therapists seek to collaboratively work with these couples to assess their relationship with them. Relationship or couple counselling can also be helpful for couples who have decided to end their relationships together. The decision to end a relationship can be painful and during such times, a couple may need the additional support and facilitation from a therapist to help them with closure as well as with discussions of other matters surrounding their union, for example, parenting, custody and care issues.
Some common relationship issues our therapists help couples to address include:

• Communication problems
• Intimacy issues
• Emotional distance
• Conflicts and arguments
• Infidelity and betrayal
• Conflicts about differences in parenting, values, lifestyle
• Substance abuse
• Interpersonal difficulties with in-laws
• Illness of partners/parents
• Addiction
• Financial issues

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1Brown, B. (2010). The Gifts of Imperfection. Center City, MN: Hazelden


At In Focus, we empathize with our clients as they go through myriad of life’s problems, stresses and challenges which are overwhelming at times. As these happened to us too. The only difference is, it is our profession to help others overcome these life hurdles so as to live life to the fullest.



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