Anger Management Counselling

Anger is a normal, usually healthy, emotion. Feeling angry is a natural response to adverse external events like mistreatment, losses, or injustice. This emotion pushes us into action to rectify the situation. Anger in itself is not a problem. It only becomes an issue when we do not express it constructively or when it is expressed in aggression like yelling, damaging property, causing fear to others or physical violence. The unhealthy expression of anger can be harmful to our relationships and health. If unaddressed, anger management issues might adversely impact your work, family and social life as well your physical and mental health.
Warning signs of anger management issues:

• Difficulty expressing ourselves in a calm and constructive way

• Thinking that your anger is justified, that those around you are too sensitive or that you need to show your anger to gain respect
• Difficulty coming to a mutual agreement
• Choosing to ignore the person we are unhappy with
• Choosing to be in isolation
• Engaging in self-harming behaviours
• Displaying aggressive behaviours like shouting, swearing, threatening or being physically violent

Anger management issues can be related to other underlying factors such as depression, anxiety issues or past emotional trauma and abuse.The goal of anger management is not to suppress feelings of anger, but to learn how to express it in a healthy way without losing control.Understanding that every individual comes with their own unique experiences, anger management counselling at In Focus aims to help our clients uncover the underlying causes, or messages behind their anger and to support them in building better relationships and leading a healthier, more satisfying life. At In Focus, our therapists are respectful that every person comes with different needs and challenges. Hence, we believe in adapting our approaches to suit our clients and their unique needs. Informed by our training in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CTRT), Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT), Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), our therapists seek to help each and every one of our clients make sense of their emotional difficulties so that growth and healing can take place. Contact us today to find out more on how we can support you or your loved ones through anger management counselling.


At In Focus, we empathize with our clients as they go through myriad of life’s problems, stresses and challenges which are overwhelming at times. As these happened to us too. The only difference is, it is our profession to help others overcome these life hurdles so as to live life to the fullest.



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