At In Focus, we are committed to protect the privacy and identity of our clients. As such, only workshop training participants’ feedback is solicited.


The 4 days training was really impressive. First of all, the trainer, Ms Evelyn Koh, was very interactive, warm and supportive. She was able to capture the participants attention through purposeful sharing and activities. The concepts were clearly explained through discussion, sharing, role-play, presentation and various other activities. I have surely learnt a lot and benefited through this training. I’m now able to understand and appreciate Choice Theory, Reality Therapy (CTRT) concepts better and with more in-depth. I would strongly encourage others who want to learn about CTRT to participate in the training.


What the one thing I was impressed and of course I was so fortunate to learn under Evelyn was that she has been very positive and tried her best to find my strength.  In many experiences in our school days, in order to be better, the teachers and/or Professors normally pointed out the weakness first and encourage us to improve, but those actions sometimes rather de-motivated people.  I learned from her not only Choice Theory itself, but how to live with Choice Theory, that was the biggest awareness for me and yes, even today, I CHOOSE to act based on what I learned from her. Thank you, Evelyn.


I received supervision from Evelyn for two practicum modules with William Glasser Institute (Singapore) – Basic Practicum and Advance Practicum. She has been instrumental in providing a supportive platform for learning in my journey to be a certified Choice Theory / Reality Therapy practitioner. Evelyn’s approach is gentle yet firm, nurturing yet assertive. She sees beyond the requirements of the modules and focuses on the growth of the practitioners, both in the professional and personal sense. In that aspect, I find the sessions enjoyable and energising, always leaving me motivated to learn more after every session. In addition, Evelyn provides timely feedback, which helps me pace my own learning. Lastly, I am impressed with Evelyn’s dedication to the supervision. She will go beyond the call of duty to provide additional supervision and consultation sessions even though she has met the basic requirements of the modules. I will really look forward to future opportunities of working with Evelyn.



So, in a nutshell, not only did I gain knowledge on how to help others through the techniques learned in Reality Therapy, I have understood choice theory for myself, have embraced it, believe in it and now ready to really learn how to help others with it. I am a firm believer in ‘believing in your product’ to be successful at selling it. Sounds very commercial, but really, until you yourself are a believer, you cannot hope to inspire or influence anyone else.

What can I say about Evelyn? For starters, she radiated the confidence she has in the effectiveness of Reality Therapy. She made me very curious to find out why choice theory ranked so highly in her life and her work. I could see from the onset that she was walking the talk. That in itself is a very good quality in a trainer. Apart from that, Evelyn displayed a thorough knowledge of Dr William Glasser’s work and how it has developed and was comfortably able to impart this knowledge to us. She was keenly aware of our varied personalities and was able to step in and guide us as individuals. I think I felt acknowledged irrespective of what my views were or the many questions I had. She never made me feel like I was taking up course time, but patiently and thoroughly explained thoughts and concepts until I understood. Thanks for that, Evelyn…

Thanks Evelyn, for presenting Reality Therapy in a way that has led me to the decision of pursuing it to accreditation stage and beyond (hopefully), despite my crazy work schedule!


I remember at one of the supervision session, Evelyn responded to my work stress rather than our usual case discussion. She was flexible and sensitive to my needs. Not only did she attend to my needs, she helped me see things in perspective. The session helped me better manage my stress.


Choice Theory/Reality Therapy is an effective life tool which helps us understand ourselves and others better about the ways we behave and make decisions.  It also teaches us how relationships can be managed more successfully.   As it is a very comprehensive theory/therapy, its applicability covers a broad spectrum of befriending, teaching and counselling skills.  Parents, teachers, school counsellors, and leaders in the workplace will find Choice Theory/Reality Therapy is very good program to learn for their own daily applications.

As a facilitator, I find Evelyn very effective in expounding on the principles of Choice Theory/Reality Therapy.  With the use of creative training tools including games, role plays and visual aids, she explained the abstract concepts very well.  I enjoyed her training and learnt a lot from her during the Basic Intensive Program that I joined with Evelyn as my facilitator.



Irene is my first teacher in counselling. From her, I learnt all about the basic skills of counselling and it was Irene who encouraged me to widen my knowledge of counselling in other areas. During the years that I pursued my studies and upgrade my skills in counselling, Irene had always been ready to share and teach. I am very fortunate to have her as my teacher and friend. She was always tactful, understanding and empathetic with the problems that I encountered.


After nearly three decades of training and practice in international corporate law, I undertook a master’s degree in counselling and psychotherapy. Irene’s agreement to teach this old dog new tricks reflects her spirit and courage to explore the new and work with the less than usual. I benefited immensely from Irene’s experience, patience and wisdom. Where supervisory relationship mirrors that of client-therapist interactions, Irene was empathic, supportive, perturbing and challenging the system where necessary. Irene was also a generous teacher sharing with me her knowledge and insight, not to mention her collection of articles and resources.



Evelyn shows genuine interest in developing each participant into competent CTRT practitioners. She prepares well for each session and the activities she selects has helped me understand and grasp Choice Theory concepts better. I find reconstructing & walking through the brain chart particularly useful. Evelyn makes it a point to do this at every session. The role-plays have also been great for learning. With each role-play, Evelyn clarifies doubts, sharpens skills and deepens my understanding of CTRT.  Overall, Evelyn has clarity of thought & expression and is patient with us. She has been an excellent trainer.


At In Focus, we empathise with our clients as they go through myriad of life’s problems, stresses and challenges which are overwhelming at times. As these happened to us too. The only difference is, it is our profession to help others overcome these life hurdles so as to live life to the fullest.


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