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Navigating through your relationship may be more complex than you expected. You may think that you know what you are doing, yet unexpected roadblocks may make you feel stuck in your relationship or end up in a toxic situation. It may even derail you and your partner from what’s important—being there for each other. Sometimes, what a couple—troubled or not—needs is help from a professional. Someone neutral who can open their minds to new ways to solve their relationship troubles and impart pieces of wisdom and knowledge that they never knew they needed.  Couples who are experiencing problems in their relationship may view counselling and therapy as a big step for them since it involves admitting that they do have troubles and their relationship is far from perfect. Meanwhile, some couples still seek counsellors and therapists to help them strengthen their relationships even though it’s not on the rocks.

Couple Counselling

Every couple goes through some sort of problem in a given phase in their relationship. Some may encounter it early in the relationship, while others experience it after years of being together. Regardless of the magnitude of the problem, it won’t hurt to start couples therapy or counselling early. Even if you don’t need to resolve anything yet, counsellors and therapists can help you equip yourselves with the necessary tools to confront future problems that may arise.

Unfortunately, some couples only seek professional help when their relationship is already on a lifeline. A number of couples deal with broken trust in their relationship. It may be due to infidelity, emotional affairs, or financial conflicts and deception. By creating a place where both parties can freely express their vulnerability, Couple Counselling sessions can help rebuild that foundation.

Some couples may start noticing that they are having more frequent arguments no matter how big or small the issue is. Counsellors can help couples discover the pattern that led to this increase. It may be because of underlying problems you have been avoiding in your relationship.

Poor communication is also one of the issues couples face in their relationship. A partner or both may feel like they are constantly ignored or misunderstood or they may be out of the loop about the emotions their partner is facing. One of the most notable results of undergoing couples counselling is better communication, and therapists can help you achieve that.

Marriage Counselling

There are a lot of implications that may occur if your marriage doesn’t work out. It may affect you and the people close to you psychologically, emotionally, and even financially. Those who end up getting a divorce tend to have decreased levels of happiness, emotional problems, and changes in their economic status. It can also affect a couple’s children. According to studies, children of divorced couples are more likely to encounter problems in their academics, behaviour, and psychological well-beings than children whose parents are still together. Filing for divorce also involves dealing with division of property and debt, children custody and visitation, child support, and alimony.

For some people, relationship counselling is just what they need to save their relationship. Meanwhile, others treat this as part of a lengthier process. Regardless, Relationship Counselling sessions are there to provide a safe, non-judgmental avenue to explore your relationship and behavioural patterns that may be affecting how you interact with each other.  Through this, In Focus counsellors can help couples identify issues, find their way through it, and become more mindful about their actions and decisions. This way, couples can understand each other better and improve their lives and relationships.

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