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“We gain a powerful perspective when we see courage as what we choose to do even when we feel afraid. Courage means accepting our feelings and sticking with our planned purposeful action.”

Dave Ellis

Counseling and psychotherapy is for anyone who seeks betterment in life. This is contrary to the popular belief that only those who are in troubles need them. Whether it is for personal growth or to overcome life struggles, at In Focus, we help you put things in perspective. To help you focus inwards, explore your feelings, define happiness and re-evaluate life.

At In Focus, we “walk the talk”. It takes one to know one. Our counsellors and therapists have with them wealth of life and professional experiences to empathize with whatever your situations may be. Many of our clients have trusted us and eventually overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles through our counseling and therapy and move on to greater things in life. You can too.


Taking the first step is difficult. We know. Many things go through your mind and you are worried to share what is most personal to you. At In Focus, we assure you that your sharing is absolutely free of judgement and confidential to begin with. You are assured of caring counsellors and therapists who are compassionate and professional.


We provide the following categories of counseling:

Counseling & Therapy for Adult / Youth

Counseling & Therapy for Professional & Executive

Counseling & Therapy for Couples

Counseling & Therapy for Family

Counseling & Therapy for Mental Health Issues


We also organize retreats for youth, adults and couples allowing participants to work through their issues and achieve personal growth.

Counseling & Psychotherapy Services Rates

Session Booking:

We welcome your enquiry, please call us at +65 6728 9359 or email us at



At In Focus, we empathize with our clients as they go through myriad of life’s problems, stresses and challenges which are overwhelming at times. As these happened to us too. The only difference is, it is our profession to help others overcome these life hurdles so as to live life to the fullest.



We have a range of services available for your consideration depending on your needs. You can get in touch with us for coaching services, corporate consultation, professional training, counseling and psychotherapy services. Please visit our services page to see what we offer.



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