Our Professional Team

Evelyn Rochelle Koh

M.Soc.Sc (Counseling), CTRTC, EFT, EFCT,
Certified Human Behaviour Analyst (DISC),

Principal Counselor, Counseling Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Supervisor & Instructor (Faculty of William Glasser International & William Glasser Institute, Singapore)

 Evelyn founded In Focus Counseling & Therapy Services (formerly known as Unlearn and Learn) toward the end 2004. She has more than decade of professional experience working with youth, couples, parents and working adults from mental health to emotional issues.

Evelyn provides consulting, counseling, training and supervision work to both government and non-governmental organizations such as Youth Centre, Family Service Centre (FSCs), Specialist Centre – in areas of advance counseling skills training and supervision for counsel1ors and social workers, and life-skills training for the community.

With the Ministry of Education (MOE), she has conducted cluster training for school counselors as well as school teachers, equipping them with counseling and therapy skills to better help their students. Since 2013, she has been regular trainer for Social Service Institute (SSI), conducting training on grief and loss for professional social service practitioners.

In her work with Health Promotion Board, she has helped developed the Peer Support Program for youth and conducted training for youth leaders from NTU, SIM, ITE, Temasek Polytechnic and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). She was also involved in consulting and training to Youthpals of Audible Hearts, an online peer support network, supported by Health Promotion Board.

In her professional capacity, Evelyn also serves as external lecturer, instructor, trainer and clinical supervisor, providing skills building training and supervision to counsellors, therapist, social workers, coaches, leaders and managers in learning Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Management and life-skills.

Evelyn’s passion in counseling started off when she served as a school volunteer working with youth. Her genuine care gained the trust of the youth, allowing her to be their confidante. This allowed her to help many of them make progress in life even after they left school. This life changing experience had spurred Evelyn on to setup Unlearn and Learn, in a time when there were few counseling and consultation services in Singapore.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Registered Singapore Counselor with Singapore Association for Counseling (SAC)
  • Registered Clinical Supervisor with Singapore Association for Counseling (SAC)
  • Registered Social Service Practitioner with Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW)
  • Professional member of the American Counseling Association (ACA)
  • Faculty member as Approved Instructor and Supervisor of William Glasser International and William Glasser Institute, Singapore. At William Glasser Institute, Singapore, Evelyn is serving in the Executive Committee to advocate Dr. William Glasser’s teaching in Choice Theory Psychology, Reality Therapy and Lead Management.
  • Evelyn is also informed in therapeutic models such as Positive Psychology, Humanistic, Experiential Therapy and Systemic Family Therapy among others.
  • External Lecturer/ Clinical Supervisor, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Clinical Supervisor, James Cook University Singapore, Monash University
  • Trained in Gottman Couples Therapy, The Gottman Institute
  • Trained in Emotion-Focused Therapy, York University, EFT Clinic
  • Trained in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Canada




Irene Chua

M.Soc.Sc (Counseling), PGDIP Therapy (Satir),
Dip Clinical Supervision, Certified PREPARE-ENRICH

Principal Counselor, Counseling Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Irene, a Canadian Certified Counselor, resides in Canada and provides consultation, counseling, clinical supervision and personal therapy for counselors online. When in Singapore, she provides face-to-face counseling, therapy and coaching to individuals and couples. She also conducts clinical supervision, workshops and training to organizations and the public.

As one of her trainees has put it, Irene is a compassionate and encouraging mentor who “walk the talk”. Irene has closed to three decades of professional experience. She started off working for the Samaritans of Singapore for 6 years, handling clients who are facing life’s crisis. From there, her passion to do more has motivated her to work in Family Service Centres for 14 years. Since then, she has provided services in Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy, Family Life Education Workshops, and Mandatory Counseling among others. She spearheaded the Blended Family Programmes in 2002. She has also extensive experience in the training of volunteers, supervision of fellow counsellors/ master students in counseling courses and in cyber-counseling.  In 2005, Irene conducted training and sharing of cyber-counseling at the University of South Australia for a Doctorate program. She was a consultant and trainer to Audible Hearts from 2006.

Irene has a Master degree in Social Science (Counseling) from the University of South Australia; Post-graduate Diploma Therapy in Satir Therapy from Satir Institute of the Pacific; Diploma in Clinical Supervision from Counseling & Care Centre in Singapore. In her on-going learning, she has acquired Systemic Family Therapy and many others that have empowered her to be more effective with clients and supervisees. She had also completed the course on The Fundamentals & More of EAP/EFAP which focuses on getting employees back to work effectively and productively.


Chan Pei Lin

Master of Guidance and Counselling (MGC)


Chan Pei Lin is a counsellor at In Focus Counselling & Therapy Service. Her areas of focus are counselling and coordinating workshops for children, youth and families. 

She has more than seven years experience working with neuro-typical children. Pei Lin has also worked extensively with children with special needs, specifically autism and developmental delay. She, herself having been diagnosed with Sensory Integrative Disorder  (Tactile Defensiveness) and dyslexia, she understands how crucial it is for the children and youth to develop a strong emotional foundation. She is aware that such support is currently lacking in Singapore. It is her passion to work with children that pushes her to pursue a career in counselling and specialize in children and youth. 

Pei Lin’s area of interest includes supporting the children and youth with socio-emotional coping, building resilience, stress management, anxiety management and adjustment issues. The children and youth connect with her easily as she is warm and genuine. She strongly believes in creating a safe and secure therapeutic environment for her clients through mutual respect, authentic and judgement-free interaction.

Pei Lin has a Master in Guidance and Counselling from James Cook University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Buffalo, New York State. She is also currently in the process to obtain her certification in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.


At In Focus, we empathize with our clients as they go through myriad of life’s problems, stresses and challenges which are overwhelming at times. As these happened to us too. The only difference is, it is our profession to help others overcome these life hurdles so as to live life to the fullest.



We have a range of services available for your consideration depending on your needs. You can get in touch with us for coaching services, corporate consultation, professional training, counseling and psychotherapy services. Please visit our services page to see what we offer.



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Email: enquiry@in-focus.com.sg



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